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You can find the system in the video below.  The video is just 14 minutes long but describes the system in FULL.


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And lastly make sure you sign up for an account at http://www.my24option.com  that is the BEST place you can trade the 30MPS.  (feel free to paper trade first of course but once you are ready get your account started!)


Live Daily Webinars  will happen again in March sometime! 

These webinars begin at 9.45am Eastern and run for 25 minutes.  You get to see me place the trade live in the webinar in my account. PLUS ask any questions you may have.

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You can find updated results since February 2011-Present at the follow page.

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Money Management Ideas 

You can find a couple of Money Management ideas to use for your trading.

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Where to place your 30 Minutes to Profit System Trades.

The BEST broker, allows USA clients AND offers what we need for the 30MPS is


They have a $200 minimum deposit, $24 minimum per trade, and pay out 80% on Winning trades!

Also as a back up plan I would suggest 


They have $100 minimum deposit with $25 minimum per trade.

You earn 70% profit on wins and get back 10% on losses.

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After you have viewed the video, registered for the Webinars, and signed up for one of the brokers mentioned above.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me in the webinar or send me an email at


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10 Minute trading System can be found at